“Ours is a saga of great mountains, and greater mountaineers.”

At MYTHOS, we love tough challenges. We tackle data-driven problems in brand management, service productization, and HCI for high-impact organizations. We also know a thing or two about venture capital. Get in touch to learn more.


We are MYTHOS.

We help early-stage entrepreneurs secure the funding they need to create a real and lasting impact.

We serve a select, motivated family of clients—fewer than six at any given time—to co-create the brand platforms, fundraising tools, and relationships they need to conquer short-term goals and lay sustainable foundations for the future.

We’re small, creative, and only make money if you do, so MYTHOS excels where accelerators and incubators can’t: a results-driven springboard to success that is as entrepreneurial, enduring and impactful as the ventures that spring out of it.


Think your startup is a match? Complete our prospect application and contact us.

Even if we don’t take you on, we provide actionable feedback for every entry we receive. Please give us a week or so to get back to you.

If you have questions about our unique process, we’d be honored to speak with you directly: call (720) 383-IDEA or email us.

At MYTHOS, we’ve got our eyes on the summit, and we’re ready to change the world. Are you?